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Each time we ask at Assembly for a volunteer to cover a work job for a student away or sick, the hands shoot up and the volunteers materialize. Faced with the opportunity to volunteer for extra work, our students choose to help out. They choose to do what needs doing. Few schools can boast of such a communal esprit de corps. This is one of many reasons why we love Midland.

We live in a world of seemingly ever expanding choices. How we each allocate the resources available to us are choices we make and expressions of our values – measures of our true wants and needs. Midland chooses to value people over things, hence our commitment to financial aid and to a simple rustic campus. In an age of abundance, we choose simplicity as an anecdote to both societal complexity and complicity.

For 84 years, Midland has been a school where students spend time actually developing a work ethic, directly experiencing the consequences of resource production and consumption, honing social interaction skills face to face, and learning by doing. Choices, like all actions, come with consequences.

Our infrastructure was never fancy, in part because our “make do” pragmatism is a profound lesson from which our students learn through experience. Challenges such as deferred maintenance, compliance with modern building codes, and skyrocketing health insurance costs are held at bay by a series of mindful compromises, such as our dependence on the Annual Fund each year.

We hope you will make the choice to support Midland. The world and the generations to come need Midland to thrive. Your support is not a “want” for us. It is a need. Our short and long term vitality depends on the direct engagement and financial support of our extended community. This year and every year, we hope you will choose to support the school.

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"For me, Midland embodies what healthy living ought to be. The school’s values are important and they inspire me continually."
~ Emma Duncan '08

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