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Josť Juan Ibarra '87
Spanish Teacher
B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A. University of California, Santa Barbara
Appointed: 1996
"Initially what brought me here was the need to give back to Midland a little bit of the abundance that I received when I was a student. As a student, to me, Midland was a place of opportunity, a place to learn from trial and error, and a place where adults worked and learned together. At Midland I gained confidence both in academics and in my own self-identity; I acquired the discipline to work hard and the ability to get help when needed. Also, it gave me the opportunity to teach my own native language and to share more of my Mexican heritage with both students and with the Midland community. I like the balance between the academic work in the classroom and the labor involved in keeping the school going on a daily basis. Another contributing factor for coming to Midland was this area, I have lived my whole life in a rural setting, and I love the Santa Ynez Valley.

What keeps me here is that I love to teach Spanish and in a community that is receptive of the language and culture that comes with it. I also like the fact that Midland is a very safe and pleasant working community. I like the support and autonomy that administration offers us as faculty. I love that Midland is an intentional community that promotes living simply in an age of materialism and fast technology. I like that Midland still is a place of opportunity for students, a place where kids explore and solidify their own identities without judgment from peers. I like the balance of the academic work and labor involved in my responsibilities as a faculty member. I like the academic calendar and schedule. What also keeps me here is my family, as this has been a great place for my girls to live."



Midland School

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