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Dean of Studies

Lise Goddard
805-688-5114 ext.122
Director of Studies
Chemistry, Marine Biology
B.A. Stanford University
M.A. University of California, Santa Barbara
Appointed: 2003
"Midland is a place where my family and I can live our values of living lightly on the Earth; in other words, living within our collective means and energy budget, without mindless waste, and in a way in which our honest work is visible and valued, and where the scale of our community allows us to see ourselves as part of the cycle of life and materials. I think that what we are doing at Midland has meaning and purpose beyond our individual time here. I think we are forging an educational path in which our students see themselves as active players in their worlds, and we are creating and articulating a model that others will seek out and that will have lasting value and impact, educationally and environmentally."



Midland School

5100 Figueroa Mountain Road
PO Box 8
Los Olivos, CA 93441

p: 805-688-5114
f: 805-686-2470



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5100 Figueroa Mountain Road/PO Box 8, Los Olivos, CA 93441 | ph: 805-688-5114 | admissions@midland-school.org

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