Prefects at Midland

Many Midland seniors earn prefectships, a system of mentoring that Paul Squibb brought with him from his Kent School days.


Two seniors are chosen by the Head of School to be the School Prefects, who set the tone for the student body. The School Prefects  conduct assemblies, sit on council, govern the prefects, and serve as the primary bridge between faculty and the student body.


Several seniors act as class prefects, in which two seniors are responsible for each class. For instance, there are two freshmen boy prefects, and two freshmen girl prefects and so on. These seniors perform countless roles for their prefectees, including checking them in at night, making sure that rooms are clean and jobs like trash and recycling are done on a daily basis, helping them with academic and social issues, being the younger students' confidants and mentors, and being the first line of authority. The prefecting system builds strong relationships across classes, and teaches younger students to trust in and rely on their peers.

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