Midland Chapel

Each Sunday morning and evening in the Midland Chapel, a Midland senior or faculty member delivers a brief message to the community.  Midland School’s Chapel requirement is grounded in the Episcopal tradition and dates back to the school’s founding in 1932. Since then the program has evolved and requirements have changed. No longer do students attend Chapel once a day or several times each week; however, we are still committed to coming together twice on Sunday to listen to a message from a senior or faculty member.

The Chapel is a sacred place. The names on the wall recognize every student who ever attended Midland for one year; we are obligated to appreciate, honor and respect those people and the place.

What is the purpose of Chapel?

• Meeting together twice on Sunday is an opportunity to take a “time out” from our busy weekly schedule. We can get out of our own heads and thoughts. As we listen to a senior or faculty member express his or her thoughts and reflections, we gain perspective.

• Chapel provides an opportunity to deliver a positive message to the community that gives hope, encouragement, or guidance to its members. Chapel may also be a time to provide a message that the community needs at a particular time of the school year.

• Speaking before the school is an opportunity for the senior or faculty member to gain awareness by discerning what the community may need or what is relevant, and carefully crafting a message that unites and strengthens the community.

• Presenting may also provide an opportunity to recognize and appreciate a higher power, and or the power of nature, as well as the role humankind plays in the world.

• Chapel is always an expression of gratitude for being together, sharing our lives, being part of something larger than ourselves, and recognizing the support we have in the school to grow and develop.


Midland School chapel


"I've learned at Midland that an authentic education goes beyond sitting at a desk and reading a textbook. It involves a kind of ongoing, active curiosity and ideal that can become a lifestyle choice and a perspective on the world."
~ Savannah Cooley '12



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