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Life at Midland

Midland is an "around the clock" operation regulated by the ring of the school's large cast-iron bell in the center of campus. The rising bell signals the start of the school day at 6:45 AM, breakfast by 7:15 AM, and the beginning and end of academic classes at 8:00 AM and 2:45 PM, respectively. After lunch, students participate in athletics or, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoons, enjoy "half holidays"--leisure time with no mandatory obligations for students in good standing. The evening schedule includes study periods with proctored study halls for some students, a second all-school assembly, a family-style dinner at 6:15 PM, and special speakers, presentations, or "clubs"--extra-curricular group activities sponsored by faculty in their homes. The Midland bell rings for the last time each night at 10:00 PM, a signal for students to be in their rooms. Within this framework, all students complete their daily jobs, which allow Midland to be self-reliant while teaching responsiblity and interdependence at the same time.

Academic classes meet Monday through Saturday. Students can expect to have anywhere from two to six class meetings daily, depending on the day of the week and the student's academic load. Due to Saturday classes, Midland is able to offer students generous vacation time to spend at home with family. There are week-long breaks in October, February, and April. Thanksgiving is celebrated on campus with the families and friends of the school, its students and staff invited to join in, eat, and give thanks. Winter vacation is three weeks. Graduation, the final day of school for the year, occurs in late May or early June.

Each Midland faculty member serves as an advisor to a small number of students and meets with them as needed, to monitor their progress, give audience to their concerns, and guide them through the rigors and challenges, and expectations that go along with being a Midlander. Students are assigned a particular advisor for their first year, and though they may choose another at the end of their first year, most remain with that advisor for their Midland career.


"I appreciate the way a Midland day is organized. The schedule provides structure, and also allows freedom of choice."
~ Sheridan Stegner '09 (Dominican)


"My favorite part of Midland is the community. The people here are amazing, from teachers to students, everyone is here because they want to be and it really shows through the support the community gives each individual."
~ Bryan Puha '09








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