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Organic Farm and Garden

The Midland Farm is 10 acres, and while tractors are used to work the fields, much of the work is done by hand, or by many hands. Students dig, sift, winnow, seed, mulch, pull weeds, and save seeds. They plant, cultivate, harvest, wash, and deliver organic produce to the kitchen, learning what it takes to grow their own food by tracing their hard work from the farm to the table. Vegetable scraps are wheeled back and layered into the compost pile, and leftovers are hauled by wagon to the pigs. It is a closed loop, an example of how to provide healthy food within a local food system while also building soil health. Over four years, students' awareness of the cyclical nature of raising food grows as they work and eat through seasonal menus on the farm. The scale of the farm allows a balance between education and production. Midland has implemented the use of hedgerows to foster the presence of natural pollinators in the garden. We use the hedgerows as an educational tool for the students as well as the local community. A guide to the native plants present in our hedgerows is available here.


A video about Midland's Farm and Garden produced by AdmissionsQuest.

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Farm and Garden News

SY Valley Fruit & Vegetable Rescue

Midland donated over 1,500 pounds of vegetables in 2014, which helped the Veggie Rescue deliver over 91,000 pounds of produce to local charities free of charge.


Life on the Farm

Fall 2014 was a photogenic season on the Farm.  


Quivira Coalition Conference

Fresh from the Quivira Coalition Conference in New Mexico, Midland student and agrarian Crawford '15 began work on the horse pasture re-seeding project.

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