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The Math Department develops comfort in working with numbers and fluency in the language, motivation, and application of math. Our core courses are sequentially linked, requiring the mastery and assimilation of skills as students advance through our curriculum. While we practice the application of mathematical skills to our daily lives, we also cultivate the important habits of mental discipline and organization for their own sake, in order to structure our minds for rigor.

Our overall goals are that students:

  • Understand the motives for learning particular mathematical concepts
  • Develop organized and rigorous patterns of thinking and problem-solving
  • Take academic risks through trial and error
  • Intelligently use technology to solve real-world problems
  • Gather and analyze data to model real-world phenomena
  • ·Develop the ability to neatly and clearly present written work


In providing a foundation for advanced study and the practice of math in college and beyond, we impart skills that lead to disciplined, organized habits of mind. We focus our teaching strategies towards how to think, not just what to think, by constantly reinforcing that organized written expression reflects organized thought.

The math program supports Midland’s mission by providing tools and habits of mind that allow students to be informed, responsible citizens.

Essential Skills:
Through classroom and inquiry-based teaching in small classes with one-on-one time between student and teacher, we develop the following skills:

Organized, accurate thought processes and reasoning:

  • Writing out steps in equation solving to demonstrate reasoning process
  • Defending answers, not just giving them

Complex problem solving with application to the real world:

  • Translating word problems into mathematical equations and functions
  • Unit conversion

Building a strong foundation for advanced study in higher mathematics:

  • Mastery of a wide spectrum of operations, functions, and relations used in college mathematics
  • Understanding how the different fields of mathematics at the high school level – algebra, geometry, calculus – are interrelated and support one another in problem-solving

Living Midland's Mission

The math program supports Midland’s mission by providing tools and habits of mind that allow students to be informed, responsible citizens.


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geodesic dome

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